Mustard Oil is known for its strong sinus-irritating aroma, a hot nutty taste, and is the choicest cooking medium in most parts of Jammu & Kashmir as well as in India.

Why Choose Us?

  • Maintenance of Strict Hygienic Conditions
  • Maintaining utmost quality Standards:Double Filtered, FSSAI approved and Grade 1 Mustard Oil
  • Customized Packing for bulk orders
  • High network supply chain
  • Delivery of goods within deadlines
  • Experienced and Professional Staff

The Mustard Oil is sold in Six different packages:

  1. 200 ml.
  2. 500 ml.
  3. 1 Litre.
  4. 2 Litre.
  5. 5 Litre.
  6. 15 Litre.


Mustard oil cake is widely used as cattle fodder, soil conditioner and also as a raw material in the solvent extraction of mustard oil. Mustard oil cake also increases plant yields. Mustard oil cake is cheap, easy to break down and ca be applied to the soil as a conditioner. In addition to reducing viruses and nematodes, mustard oil cake increases plant survival rate and yields.